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Are you searching for balance in your life?

Doing what you always did no longer works

Have you come to a point where you feel that “doing what you always did” no longer works? For example in contact with your partner, parents, children or colleagues? Or is this the moment that you want to take a step in your personal development? Perhaps due to a concrete cause such as a loss, broken relationship, problems at work, illness or a (near) burnout. Or simply because you would like a new insight about yourself.

How do you regain your strength?

You can feel helped by a number of sessions with me to become aware of what is going on, to regain a view of new possibilities and to be able to continue from your own strength and feel able to make the right decision. In this way, you pick up the thread again and we work towards the goal of bringing the change you want in your life and to come into contact with your life energy.

Coaching or therapy brings you a new perspective

Together with you, I will go searching for the question behind the question, I don’t find anything strange and I am not easily deceived. We will work based on experience, to regain your fundamental strength, which is present in every person. You learn to look in a different way and can continue with an expanded view. Your perspective will grow.


Why do coaching or therapy?


How is the way of working?


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