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Courage is what you start with

It takes courage to let yourself be guided. Courage to be honest and to get to know yourself better because that can be confronting and painful. After which there is often space and relief, and you will feel life flowing again.

To make the journey “inwards”

I would like to create a quiet and safe place where you feel welcomed and invited to reflect, in other words, to make the journey “inwards”. A place where everything is allowed to be. This way you can feel the freedom to investigate, discover and recognize what you encounter. From there you can stop fighting stubborn patterns but see their value and accept it. It becomes visible how you can give a different reaction to what is going on in your life.

With the question behind the question

In our first meeting, I will investigate with you what your question is. Based on a clear question, you set your personal and/or professional goal. After this first meeting, it is also clear whether we can work together and you know whether my methods appeal to you. Because everyone is different, I look at which methods suit you. If you spend a lot of time in your head, I will teach you to listen to your body. When you are overcome by feelings, I look for how you can gain more access to your thinking. You will experience that you have more options than you previously thought.

On the way to your goal

Usually, a number of sessions are sufficient to achieve a satisfactory result. In the end, we evaluate whether your goal has been achieved and whether we can say goodbye to each other or whether there are other topics that you are looking for further depth.

Using the following methods

  • Hypnotherapy:
    Hypnotherapy uses deep trance, a state of deep relaxation. As a result, critical thinking goes into the background and you get in touch with your unconscious. In contact with your unconscious you can let go of limiting beliefs, gain new insights, process unpleasant or traumatic experiences, tap from unknown resources and adopt new, more constructive behavior. During hypnotherapy you are also aware of what is happening, you hear everything and you can just talk.
  • Systemic Work or ‘(Family) constellation’
    Working with different representatives of a system (family, organization, family) makes the mutual relationships visible and shows how entanglements can be broken.
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP):
    A collection of techniques that help you change unwanted behaviour, feelings or thoughts, based on the premise that every behaviour has a positive intention.
  • Transactional Analysis (TA):
    A theory aimed at communication between people, based on the premise: “I am OK, you are OK”. These models are easy to understand, provide insight into how you deal with yourself and others and offer tools to change communication so that difficult patterns and relationships improve.
  • Bodywork:
    Experiences are stored in your body, a source of wisdom from which you can learn a lot. For lasting change, it is important that you connect with the wisdom of your body.

You can contact me on the following range of topics:

  • Dealing with feelings of fear, pain, insecurity, sadness

  • Finding a balance in work and private life

  • Stress & Burnout
  • Take back your own responsibility, experience your strength

  • Investigate anger, resentment, frustration, hatred

  • Investigate chronic complaints, addictions

  • Lethargy, fatigue, agitation, restlessness

  • The feeling of no control over your own life

  • Want to learn to express yourself

  • Insight into (family) dynamics

  • …..

I work according to the guidelines of the Phoenix Education Code of Ethics.

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