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• Therapy: 90 Euro per session (60 min) / 130 Euro per session (90 min) exempt from VAT
• Hypnotherapy: 130.00 Euro per session (90 min) exempt from VAT
• Coaching: 130.00 Euro per session (90 min) excluding VAT
• Business: on request
• Evening: 110 Euro (60 min) / 160 Euro per session (90 min) excluding VAT


If you would like to get to know each other first and see if you click, you can do this by telephone. I assume this will take approximately 15 minutes and this is completely free and without obligation.


Individual coaching starts with an intake in which we explore your question and what you want to achieve with the coaching. You do not need a referral letter to register.

    Health insurance:

    As a member of NVPA, therapeutic sessions can be (partially) reimbursed by health insurers if you have additional insurance. The differences between insurers can vary, so always check with your health insurer whether and how much reimbursement you can get.


    Employers are often willing to pay for coaching in the context of personal development.


    There are often special arrangements for students. You can inquire about this with your Dean.
    If costs get in the way, please contact me to explore the possibilities.


    Member at RBCZ, SCAG and NVPA to guarantee the quality of my way of working. 

    Make an appointment without obligation

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