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Why do coaching or therapy?

Do you regularly come across situations or difficult questions in your life, to which you have to give an answer and where you feel that what you always did no longer works? This can be confusing, evoke feelings of helplessness, loneliness or guilt. Sometimes even so much so that it makes you physically ill; you get stuck, stand still and cannot find your way anymore. Then it helps to be guided professionally and to become aware of the choice that is always there so that you can find (back) your inner strength.  You will learn to bring out the best in yourself so that you can take on responsibility again. You will begin to feel life flowing again.

My belief is that everyone has their own strength. Together we search for yours.  My starting point is that mind and body are an inseparable whole and that you as a person cannot be seen separately from the people around you, your family, your friends and your work.

You can contact me on the following range of topics:

  • Dealing with feelings of fear, pain, insecurity, sadness

  • Finding a balance in work and private life

  • Stress & Burnout
  • Take back your own responsibility, experience your strength

  • Investigate anger, resentment, frustration, hatred

  • Investigate chronic complaints, addictions

  • Lethargy, fatigue, agitation, restlessness

  • The feeling of no control over your own life

  • Want to learn to express yourself

  • Insight into (family) dynamics


Live in the limitless space of your true nature


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